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The Great Game

Create a Custom Outdoor Escape Adventure for Hundreds of players in 30 minutes

We run outdoor digital escape adventures


After one 15 minute meeting to understand your needs, we'll build you a custom experience which can be played by hundreds of players. It's kind of like if Pokemon Go met a team-based Escape Room - teams are outside, running across campus, all competing on one leaderboard for your event. Since every puzzle has built-in hints, no team will ever get stuck and administrators won't need to do any work the day of the event! Players just need to download the app the day of the event, and you are off!

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We work with organizations (big and small) across the country and have gotten amazing feedback! Check out a handful of our partners below

So, how does it work

Teams of students/employees, using our app, walk to different points on your campus solving truly unique puzzles at each stop before the time runs out. The puzzles involve everything from searching for letters in augmented reality to their phone's screen changing color as they get warmer or closer to a hidden location, to having to solve morse code messages sent by their teammate's phone flashlights. Oh - and the entire storyline is customized around your organization's traditions, inside jokes, and culture.

After chatting, we'll send you a form to learn more about what makes your organization special.

      The little bits of magic that have

made their way into some of our storylines:


Saint John Neumann's mythical pool hidden on the roof of their gym

Johns Hopkins' Annual Lighting of The Quads Ceremony

The Saint Louis High School Physics class that sent a weather balloon 108,000 feet into the air

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